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Latinlaws is the only virtual legal library that compiles the most important legislation of Latin America in one single place, allowing direct access to complete texts of legislation, free of charge.

On the site, you will find the principal laws, codes and decrees of 20 Latin American countries, in addition to important specialty legislation, sample arbitration clauses, market and business guides, and other important information about each of the countries in Latin America.  The information on the site is not only useful for lawyers and others in the legal profession, but is useful for anyone doing business in Latin America.

The site also contains a Regional Section with treaties, conventions, reports and useful information for the Latin American region as a whole. These resources are classified as follows:

Principal Legislation
Civil Legislation
Business and Investment
Criminal Law
Labor Law
Tax Law
Case Law

Specialty areas
Mining and Energy
Environmental and Natural Resources
Intellectual Property


Conventions and Treaties
Reports and Others

Other Useful Information
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