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With significant telecom infrastructure, a liberalised market, and serviced by five global fibre optic cables, Panama has become an attractive country for telecom investments. Competition is slow to develop in basic telephony, where the incumbent Cable & Wireless Panamá is reluctant to unbundle its local network, but the long distance sector has attracted several players, leading to huge price drops, especially in international calls. Mobile telephony overtook fixed lines in 2001 and has been steadily growing. In the Internet market, although penetration is still low, dial-up and ADSL connections are developing at a fast pace; growth potential in this sector is excellent. The leading cable TV company, Cable Onda, has started to offer Triple Play services (converged broadband, telephony and pay TV).

Author: Paul Budde Communications Pty Ltd. (Australia).

Date: January, 2006.

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Ley de Telecomunicaciones

Ley N° 14 de 1987, Por la cual se regulan las Telecomunicaciones Nacionales e Internacionales en la República de Panamá.
(Law 14 of 1987, which regulates National and International Telecommunications in the Republic of Panama)

Fuente/Source: Asamblea Nacional de Panamá. (Todos los Derechos Reservados - All rights reserved)

Vigencia/Enactment: Agosto 1987

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